Put on your Happy Face, Part 2

Recap: Audrey had signed up for an experiment while in prison and wakes alone tied to a bed while some event seems to be happening outside the room.

What Audrey wouldn’t give for just a shard of that glass right now. These restraints were primitive and it showed just how little money they wanted to put into the prison. There were plenty of high-tech gadgets coupled with things that weren’t in use anywhere else in the galaxy.

Hand-me-downs and gifts to help with the kinds of research not performed in the more reputable labs. If she was only hallucinating, she hadn’t signed on for this. Audrey had read the forms a dozen times, word by word. There wasn’t one potential side effect that wasn’t physical.

Nothing mental. She’d told them. Told them. Told them.

Audrey barely kept in a scream when someone hit the door hard. The panel beeped and the light changed to green. How were the lights still out when everything else was working?

The door opened to let a man in. He shut it again with his back. The automatic locks activated and the light went back to red. Outside, someone banged on the door. He shut his eyes and whispered, “Shit, shit, shit…”

“Hey – ”

The nurse – she could make out his uniform, now – jumped. Audrey wasn’t sure he’d even noticed that there was another person in the room already. He took the quick steps to the bed and grabbed her face. His fingers pushed and pulled at the skin until she told him to stop. Before he did, though, she caught a chunk of memory when chubby little hands pulled on her face.

“What’s happening out there?” While he was still close, Audrey caught the name on his badge in the red lights. David.

Nurse David moved to the other side of the bed so that it was between him and the door. He didn’t look at Audrey again. Only the door. “Faces…their faces…”

A spine-tingler went down her back. “I saw the doctor. He was smiling – “

“They all are.” He said. “God, it’s so fucked.”

“Get me off this bed and I can help.”

Nurse David shook his head. “Not supposed to. Not without a guard…”

“I think the guards are going to be a little busy. Please.”

“Their faces…” he moaned again.

Audrey pulled on the restraints. “Goddammit, untie me if it’s so bad.”

The nurse looked at her again. “I shouldn’t.”

Audrey heard a soft, rapid tapping on the floor. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t get a word out before Nurse David screamed. “They’re here! They’re here! One of them must have followed me!”

“Free me.”

“Oh, God…where is it?” Nurse David moaned, spinning in a circle to look everywhere. But it was impossible to see most things in the dark light.

“Free me, now!” Audrey almost screamed. There was obviously something in the room with them and she was stuck without any way to defend herself.

Nurse David’s face appeared next to her. Her left wrist was almost free when he screamed and jumped away from her. He fell to the floor where she couldn’t see him and screamed again. “No!”

Audrey pulled on her arm and the strap came free. She sat up and began trying to get her other hand free, trying to ignore the sounds of the nurse trying to fight off whatever was attacking him. Could this still be a hallucination? Or a dream that she hadn’t woken from, yet?

Audrey had almost gotten her other hand free when he stopped fighting. Everything stopped. She eased flat on her back again and went still. The nurse stood with his back to Audrey. He turned around and it took everything she had to remain still and not scream.

Nurse David wore the same kind of expansive smile that Dr. Harris had in the window.

A/n: Thanks so much for reading!

Twitter: @SaeraRose

I’ve also got a more novelly story being posted piece by piece on Wattpad and those posts will also show up on Twitter. If you do go to Twitter, don’t expect anything too enlightening. I’m a strawberry blonde and the blonde is very strong in this one. If blonde jokes are still a thing. 🙂


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